4 tips to create awesome testimonial videos

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When we wish to buy a new product or try a new service, one of the first things we do these days is seek an online feedback. 84% of people trust online reviews as much as their friends. Customer testimonials are considered the most effective type of marketing content.

Customer testimonial videos help build credibility and improve brand trust with potential customers. It gives an opportunity for them to see what people think – “real people”. Since it is a visual medium instead of text, and since it is coming from real people, these reviews can be very impactful provided, they are made the right way.

Here are some tips for creating awesome testimonial videos

1)    Make the video look real

 – It is important to make your video look real – the people who will see this video are expecting to see real customers talk about their experiences.

 – The customer must have complete freedom to talk. Make it look natural not scripted. That includes language, mannerisms, expressions, emotions etc. More the genuineness of the video more is its relatability.

 – Relatability improves with associations to real situations. When the testimonial talks about when/where the service/product was used, it establishes a better connect with the review.

 – It is better to use jargon associated with that product/service (if applicable) or stick to common words. Using uncommon words may create confusion and will make the customer quotes look too scripted to believe

2)    Create a questionnaire / Video Brief

 – A good format to create a company’s testimonial video is to make it interactive by creating a dialogue while posing questions. So, the critical thing here would be to ask the right questions to ensure that the right information is communicated to the viewer. You must design questions in such a way that you can establish a conversation with your customer in getting their personal insights

 –  Another tip here is to try and foresee what an average customer’s concerns/doubts or pain points are and create relevant questions

3)    Choose the right location

 – Location matters. The surroundings where you shoot are essential. Creating the dialogue near the subject product/service helps.

 – Special attention can be given to backgrounds/colours to make the video pleasing to the eye and not to create a distracting impact on the viewer

4)    Keep the video short yet complete

 – You don’t want the video to be too long, and at the same time, you must ensure that you communicate every piece of vital information, preferably under 3 minutes

 – A checklist to assure on the completeness in testimonial videos could be as follows.
a) Introduce the customer – how they come about using the product/service
b) Talk about the problem or the issue (questions format preferably)
c) How has the product/service helped resolve their issue?

Remember a testimonial video should not look like blatant marketing or boasting about a product/service; instead, it should be about the impact it can create on the consumer.  The prospects need to know why your product or service will be a better option than the competitors to sway their decision in your favour.

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