Script Writing – Top 5 Rules for an Impactful Storytelling

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Writing a script for a short video is just as hard as writing for a full-length video if not more. Time is of essence. You have to convey an entire message of What-Why-How in the small duration while not losing the essence of your communication. These simple steps will help you to write a perfect script for your short video. 1)  Write the Video Brief Before starting with any video… Read More »Script Writing – Top 5 Rules for an Impactful Storytelling

4 tips to create awesome testimonial videos

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When we wish to buy a new product or try a new service, one of the first things we do these days is seek an online feedback. 84% of people trust online reviews as much as their friends. Customer testimonials are considered the most effective type of marketing content. Customer testimonial videos help build credibility and improve brand trust with potential customers. It gives an opportunity for them to see… Read More »4 tips to create awesome testimonial videos

Misuse of Rights

India repeatedly gets hauled over the coals for its behaviour towards women. According to the BBC News, every 15 minutes a rape is noted, every 5 minutes an incident of domestic violence is reported, every 69 minutes a bride is murdered for dowry and every year there are hundreds of thousands of female foeticide, leading to a shocking sex ratio. Women have to fight lifelong discrimination, prejudice and violence. But… Read More »Misuse of Rights

Gender Pay Gap in India

Gender Pay Gap in India refers to the difference in earnings between women and men in the paid employment and labor market. According to The Economic Times, in the year 2018, men were paid 19% more than that being paid to women. Men in India earn Rs.46.19 more than women.The average hourly salary for men in India in 2018, according to Business Today Economy, stood at Rs. 242.49, whereas for… Read More »Gender Pay Gap in India

Gender bias in Pursuing Streams

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We live in a society where career fields are dominated by men, but when it comes to arts, the story is quite different. Women make up upto 60-70 percent of those studying art at a university level. Why is it like that? Ever thought of that? Now if we look at the science streams the number of women in science and engineering is growing, yet men continue to outnumber women.… Read More »Gender bias in Pursuing Streams

Gender bias in Advertising

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Advertising has a lot of gender bias and discrimination. Take, for example, the stark contrast between the portrayal of men and women in advertisements selling perfumes, scents or deodorants. In ads for perfumes for men, the man is generally shown to be dominant and more appealing to girls due to the perfume. Meanwhile, for women, they are portrayed to look more appealing regardless of the perfume being in effect or… Read More »Gender bias in Advertising

The grapple for gender equality in sports

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How many female sportsmen are recognised till date? And how many male sportsmen are recognised till date? …Found a huge difference? Have we ever thought as to why is it so?There are various gender based factors that influence a woman’s participation in sports. First! Social Stigma (perceived sexual orientation and gender identity of female sportsmen).Second! Lack of sponsors and financial aid due to deficit publicity and viewership).Third! Lack of access… Read More »The grapple for gender equality in sports

Gender bias in household chores

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“Hema, Rekha, Jaya aur Sushma…” where have we heard this before? Do you remember the “middle-class” Lalitaji who haggles with the vegetable vendor but spends more on Surf because “Surf ki kharidhari mein hi samajhdhaari hai”? Or, Take the case of Sakshi Tanwar of Ghar Ghar Ki Kahaani fame exhorting us to use Vim Bar! The list is endless…(what is common among them?) These are some examples of gender inequality… Read More »Gender bias in household chores

The Importance of Background score

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Music, or the lack of it, at the appropriate moment in any kind of film could help enormously to enhance the viewer’s experience to the optimal level. A film’s score reflects the themes and the tone of the film itself, apart from making you feel like you are part of the presentation. A good composer would do his best to keep up with the pace of the film and make… Read More »The Importance of Background score

Collective Conscience

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Artist Deepnath Surat, who is socially conscious has put together the stories of the volunteers who have worked to alleviate the pain and abandonment experienced by the orphan children, and published a beautiful book laden with her artful paintings titled “COLLECTIVE CONSCIENCE.” In this thought provoking book compiled by Deepanath, with the stories of people who have and have been volunteering their money, time and thoughts for the orphaned and… Read More »Collective Conscience