Top 4 reasons to outsource your video requirement

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Video is increasingly becoming the most effective medium for marketing. Outsourcing may seem riskier but it could help in reducing the stress for your team by letting the professionals do their jobs.   Focus on your core business: Outsourcing your video content production to agencies helps in creating professional videos in an hassle-free manner. It allows your team to concentrate on the core business rather than worry about supporting tasks.… Read More »Top 4 reasons to outsource your video requirement

Paradox of ‘Right of speech’

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“Freedom of thought and expression are impossible without the right to offend,” said the British Indian writer Salman Rushdie, who had himself faced a lot of opposition as he tried to exercise his right by writing a fictional work The Satanic Verses. The book which was published in the year 1988 irked the then Supreme Leader of Iran Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, who issued a fatwa on Rushdie, which forced him… Read More »Paradox of ‘Right of speech’

Why testimonial videos are the way to go

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In the present age of digital marketing, video has become the most effective tool of reaching out to the people. While still sticking to the traditional approaches, video plays an important role in the marketing strategy. In this blog, we are going to explore why the testimonial videos are one of the most efficient and easiest ones to make. What makes testimonial videos valuable Personal touch: As a potential customer,… Read More »Why testimonial videos are the way to go

Be aware & be Brave

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CANCER – a terrifyingly frightening word that scares the wits out of us, which we comprehend but cannot fully solve. What separates this from other ghastly historical diseases like Black Plague or Small Pox is its slow nature. The cancer cells could be growing in your body for years and you might not have a clue. After you do find out, if it is late for a recovery, you have… Read More »Be aware & be Brave

How to pick the right video agency for your company

Video is increasingly becoming an indispensable tool in the marketing world. By 2020, online videos will account for 82% of all consumer internet traffic. Picking the right video partner is as big a decision as picking a spouse because your video defines your brand identity. Hence it is crucial to pick a company that you’re confident will deliver a product consistent with your end goal. Value Your Time: As a… Read More »How to pick the right video agency for your company

Rationale behind Statue of Unity

₹ 2,989,00,00,000 – I’ll just let that number sink into your mind. This is the amount of money spent for the construction and maintenance of ‘Statue of Unity,’ built to honour the memory of the ‘Ironman of India’ late Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, a freedom fighter turned politician who played a key role in bringing hundreds of diverse princely states of British Raj into the Republic of India. The question most… Read More »Rationale behind Statue of Unity

Running and Beyond

Running has never piqued my interest, and the occasion of 2018 Airtel Hyderabad Marathon was no different, even though our company, Open Face Media was associated with it by being their promotional film partner in the lead up to the marathon. For me, running is an excessively tiring physical activity that I have always stayed away from. But, as I started doing research so as to write this blog, I… Read More »Running and Beyond

Women in the Film Arena

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An ever-growing voice in the Indian film setup is that of Women Film makers’ who seek a gender neutral recognition that does not appreciate their efforts in a back-handed manner – “For a woman, it’s a great achievement,” as though any man could become a director or an editor. With the rise of right wing activism in the recent years that strives to propagate the patriarchal domination of past millenniums,… Read More »Women in the Film Arena

Me Too, Says India

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“Don’t single out the cinema industry. We have to understand it[sexual harassment] is prevalent in all fields,”[1] said actor Kamal Haasan regarding the #MeToo movement that has grabbed the attention of the media in the recent days. The sheer importance and coverage given to a common public issue like sexual abuse has stemmed from the celebrity centric ideology of the current press. For precisely the same reason, ordinary people haven’t… Read More »Me Too, Says India

Monsoon Nirvana

Even while I was on my way to the event ‘Monsoon Nirvana,’ I couldn’t believe myself that I’m actually classical music concert. Although I have had the utmost respect for the art form from as far back as I could remember, I never really got exposed to it in a way so as to fully appreciate it. It was an opportunity given by fate to finally hear some classical music… Read More »Monsoon Nirvana