Monsoon Nirvana

Even while I was on my way to the event ‘Monsoon Nirvana,’ I couldn’t believe myself that I’m actually classical music concert. Although I have had the utmost respect for the art form from as far back as I could remember, I never really got exposed to it in a way so as to fully appreciate it. It was an opportunity given by fate to finally hear some classical music… Read More »Monsoon Nirvana

The Commentator

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Furnishing allusions, creating illusions As Tina opened the door of the haunted house, a bat flew out of the door. She paused, shivering, before taking a brave step inside. Evil laughter cackled through the walls of this house, covered with cob webs and dirt accumulated through centuries. Tina looked around to find the source, until she glanced at the roof. Dangling two feet above her, seemingly airborne, face pointing towards… Read More »The Commentator


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The story of a cinematographer begins from the evolution of pictures. The human mind has always strived to express itself through the medium of pictures. Long before the written word had evolved, the Neanderthal stored his stories in the form of pictorial messages on the walls of his caves. We have come a long way from the classic stick and circle figure of a man to creating actual animations of… Read More »Cinematography

Crafting Sound

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A sound editor’s job is to bring a sense of equilibrium between the various sounds and their volumes & frequencies for the best audio experience a viewer could hope for. He has to work closely with the sound designer, music director, editor, and director to find the right balance for a particular scene. He has the responsibility of making sure that the visuals on the screen have the corresponding sounds… Read More »Crafting Sound

Publicity design & Still photography

Some might argue that the marketing of the film is almost as important as the film making itself, as without the former, there wouldn’t be many viewers, which in turn would defeat the purpose of a movie. The publicity department of the film production is responsible for generating interest in the public and drive them to the theatres. In this blog, we’re going to discuss two major aspects of the… Read More »Publicity design & Still photography

The Emergence of Web Series and Streaming Services

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The online streaming giant Netflix, once intended to sell the company to Blockbuster Video for $50 million in 2000[1], which the latter declined. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of you don’t know what Blockbuster Video is. It was a video rental service that was very successful before the emergence of Netflix. Fast forward to 2018, Blockbuster has been defunct for more than four years, whereas the revenue of Netflix… Read More »The Emergence of Web Series and Streaming Services

Art of cut

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A week before Asha’s sweet sixteen, she visited her tailor. In her arms, she held the taffeta pink cloth and the pearls she wanted to be sewn into it. With great excitement and patience, she explained her design for the dress. The tailor nodded, he promised to deliver the dress of her dreams. When the dress arrived, it was the stuff of nightmares. The finishing was poor, the dress was… Read More »Art of cut

Decoding Cinema Light

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The responsibility of lighting of a film set usually rests on the shoulders of cinematographer, who decides on the lighting and color schemes that would go on to represent and set the tone of the film. He takes inputs from the director and interprets them as he thinks would best serve the movie and sometimes, experiments to see if he could innovate and produce a certain look to the scene.… Read More »Decoding Cinema Light

Movie jobs you have never heard of (probably) III

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Apart from the production crew that are part of a specific department, there are several other people at work in a film production. Although the viewers don’t recognize their work, their contributions help to fill the gaps between various processes and help the film by helping the main people on the set. They form an integral part of the production process, but their efforts often go unnoticed. In this blog,… Read More »Movie jobs you have never heard of (probably) III

A Story teller

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Lights, Camera, Action! On the third floor of an unremarkable building is the studio for which I work, Open Face Media. Depending on which of the two lifts you take (left side or the right side) you will enter the door of this office from two different directions (hot tip: I always take the left). No matter which direction you enter from, look to your right as you enter the… Read More »A Story teller