The Story of the dressmaker

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‘Fashion is never finished’ proclaims Jesse Eisenberg in The Social Network, so confidently to his business partner. It merely changes its shape and style from time to time to accommodate the ever-changing tastes of the consumers. Almost by rule, fashion is not the same as it was an year before, no matter how chic and elegant it was praised to be back then. This made me wonder as to how… Read More »The Story of the dressmaker

Movie jobs you have never heard of (probably) II

Cinematography, with all the responsibilities and challenges associated with it, is not an easy task. But, the cinematographer is not without help. The following people help him so that he could work peacefully and without any hindrance, apart from keeping his gear ready for the shot. Storyboard Artist: A Storyboard Artist creates visuals of one or more scenes on a piece of paper or computer for professional films or television… Read More »Movie jobs you have never heard of (probably) II

The Little Things

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Go a long way How many people, situations, objects exist in our lives that don’t seem so critical, but whose absence can sink us? It could be the morning hug from your little brother, giving you the sweetest vibes for your day ahead. Imagine that a traffic signal in your work route broke down, and what a difference it would make to your day! Suddenly, the absence of a warm… Read More »The Little Things

The Beginning of the Beginning

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How it all started The work of a screen writer begins from the dawn of an idea. This idea, when it’s allowed to bloom, might lead to several other ideas and periodically changes in structure, as it’s an evolutionary process. The process of writing can take from as less time as a week to several months, sometimes even a lifetime. A script writer can also be hired by a director/… Read More »The Beginning of the Beginning

Movie jobs you have never heard of (probably)

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Not everyone who works in a movie receives their due appreciation, but there is not a speck of doubt that they deserve it. In this blog, we are going to talk about such persons who form the technical crew of one of the major crafts of cinema: Art Direction. We will go into topics like what exactly are their jobs and how crucial they are to the filmmaking process. For… Read More »Movie jobs you have never heard of (probably)

The Magic Wand of Make Up Artists

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I look up to my tinsel world. I idolize their luxurious hair with the perfectly coloured roots and highlights. Their cupid’s bow is always shaped perfectly, their eyebrows are on fleek. Their noses are always sharp, cheekbones well defined and every eyelash is visible with high clarity. In their distress too, I can’t help but wonder at their utter perfection. I don’t want reality. I’m a child of the Cosmopolitan… Read More »The Magic Wand of Make Up Artists

Stunt Direction

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Welcome to the world of daredevils. “They call me baby driver, and once I am in a pair of wheels, I hit the road and I’m gone” A cherry red Subaru wheels into view on an unassuming street. Baby plays ‘Bellbottoms’ on his iPod, at this point you will catch a headshot of his accomplices, two serious looking guys and a chill looking girl. The music, soft initially, starts building… Read More »Stunt Direction

Abhimanika – A short story

February 5, 2016 It is extremely tough to sit through Strat-Plan (Strategic planning) meetings, more so when it’s aFriday evening, and you realize you are away from home. I looked at my phone to check time, and noticed a bunch of WhatsApp notifications. “Chatting Café”, a recently created WhatsApp group by my college friends is buzzing with notifications. I was eager to catch up with the messages, but the meeting… Read More »Abhimanika – A short story

A Year in Review 2018 – Action and Sci-Fi

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With 2018 now behind us, it’s time to look back on some of the blockbusters that kept us going to the movies every weekend. Today, we’ll be looking back at the action and sci-fi movies of this year. And what a year it has been! We saw distant dystopian futures, a galaxy far, far away, a distant past come back to life, and an end-of-the-world scenario. We start with Steven… Read More »A Year in Review 2018 – Action and Sci-Fi

A Year in Review 2018 – Superhero Movies

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With the end of the year coming close, we look back once again at the movies of 2018. Today,we’ll be looking back on the superhero movies of this year. A staple of every year since the inception of the MCU, this year had no shortage of superhero movies either, with a few of them also making cinema history. One of these movies, was Marvel’s Black Panther. Black Panther, starring Chadwick… Read More »A Year in Review 2018 – Superhero Movies