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Taking an internship in a remote mountain lab was probably not the smartest idea. And then pulling the lever with the skull symbol, to see what would happen, was not very smart either. And now, you must escape from the zombies that you have unleashed. With you are the lab assistant, janitor, and old Professor. 

There is only one way to escape which is by crossing the rope bridge. It takes you a minute to cross the bridge whereas it takes the lab assistant 2 minutes. It takes the janitor 8 minutes and the old professor 10 minutes. According to the professor’s calculations, all 4 of you have only 17 mins to cross the bridge before the zombies reach you.

It is dark and you only have one small lantern, that glows enough for one person to see up to a short distance around them. Only 2 people can cross the bridge together otherwise it will snap. 

How will all 4 of you get across the bridge in 17 minutes?

First, you and the lab assistant will cross, that should take 2 minutes. The lab assistant will stay on the other side, but you will come back with the lamp which will take another minute. So, 3 minutes are gone.

Next, the old professor and the janitor will cross the bridge together, with the lamp, which will take them 10 minutes. Now, 13 mins are done. The lab assistant will come back with the lamp for you, which is another 2 mins, bringing up the total to 15 mins. 

Finally, you will go back to the other side, to safety, with the lab assistant which will take 2 more minutes, thus finishing 17mins. Just in time. Then you quickly cut off the rope of the bridge so the zombies cannot follow you across.

Everyone is safe.

DISCLAIMER : This blog was written by the interns namely, Smrithi Keerthana, Shruthi Palasala, Sathvik Kalavacharla, Disha Atukuri and Nitya Gupta at Open Face Media Pvt Ltd for the internship program 2020. All content provided in this blog is for general informational purpose only. It is not intended for sales of any sort or commercial purpose. Neither the company nor the interns are responsible for any plagiarism and copyright infringement that may have occurred in this blog.

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