What is a “woman’s job”? Have you ever thought as to who gave this tag? And why?

How many times have we heard this from people?

“Cooking is a woman’s job”

“Cleaning is a woman’s Job”

“Raising kids is a woman’s Job”

We have enough and more examples of people breaking the mindset of gender gaps, wading through the disparities and achieving success.

Let’s take them as our inspiration. Let’s dissolve the stereotypes and achieve; let others achieve irrespective of their gender.

Don’t be that guy who rejects a task only because it pertains to the opposite gender


Share videos, pictures, artwork, blogs and your experiences breaking gender stereotypes.

Be the change you want to see around you.


Gender equality is a Human right, not a woman’s Fight.


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Misuse of Rights

Gender Pay Gap in India

Gender bias in Pursuing Streams

Gender bias in Advertising

The grapple for gender equality in sports

Gender bias in household chores


What all can I send?
You can share your videos, photos, artwork – hand-drawn/digital, blogs and experiences on the topic of Gender Equality and Steryotypes.

How do I shoot my videos?
You can shoot your videos with any digital camera HD or non HD. Please restrict the video length to under 60 secs.

Where do we submit our videos?
You can submit your videos and vlogs to our email id: dont.bethatguy.in@gmail.com

How do we send the videos we shoot to break gender stereotypes?
You can send it via email or Google Drive or any file transfer utility

How do I share my blog/artwork?
Please send them via email as an attachment.

What are the hashtags we can use?
While uploading your submissions, use the hashtags #dontbethatguy #stepupnow and #BreakTheStereotypes. Based on the context you can also use #SUNFAM #campaign #TacoShells #GenderEquality #DemolishDisparity #GenderStereotypes #Timetochange #Bethechange

Can I sketch artwork or should it be only in photoshop?
There is no limitation to your art. It can be sketches, paintings, drawings, photoshop or digital art that can depict breaking stereotypes

Who do we send our submissions to?
Your submissions can be sent to the email id dont.bethatguy.in@gmail.com, with your name, age and occupation. There is no age limit for participation

How do I shoot my videos?
You can shoot your videos with any digital camera HD or non HD. Please restrict the video length to under 60 secs.

What will you do with my submissions?
We will edit and upload them on our website and on social media websites though our handles. Our website is https://www.openfacemedia.co/campaign and it will be uploaded on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.

What will I get from sending these submissions?
We will pick two winners per week and send them cool Stepupnow merchandise

Which platforms will the submissions be uploaded on?
Blogs – website, LinkedIn and Twitter.
Videos – YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and website.
Artwork – Facebook, Instagram, website, and Twitter.

How will I receive my cool Step Up Now merchandise?
We will courier it, please allow 2-4 weeks for the delivery

How do I support this campaign?
By sending a video, blog, art work etc. or by being an evangelist and spreading the message

Are funds and donations accepted?
No. This campaign is to create awareness, so it is completely Pro bono

Is this an Autonomous campaign?
Yes, it is carried out by volunteers/interns.

How do we contact you?
You can contact us via email dont.bethatguy.in@gmail.com

How frequently do you upload content?
We upload content around twice a week