Collective Conscience

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Artist Deepnath Surat, who is socially conscious has put together the stories of the volunteers who have worked to alleviate the pain and abandonment experienced by the orphan children, and published a beautiful book laden with her artful paintings titled “COLLECTIVE CONSCIENCE.”

In this thought provoking book compiled by Deepanath, with the stories of people who have and have been volunteering their money, time and thoughts for the orphaned and abandoned children, she tells a story of altrustic service. But, reading these stories, we realize that these children are helping the volunteers much more rather than it being the other way round. Many have dubbed their experiences with these underprivileged and unwanted kids as cathartic, gaining them a clearer perspective on their own lives.

Conscience is a tricky word. We know what it means, but cannot really explain why we have it or what caused it and why is it different for each person. In a sense, conscience is what drives us as we cannot go on living if we do not satisfy and reason with it. One of the greatest and most basic of aspects of what makes us human is the sense of charity, no matter the amount in which each individual experiences it. It provides us with a meaning to achieve better understanding of our own life and the world we live in.

Everyone gives a meaning to their existence in their own way. Some by working for what they believe in, volunteering, seeking knowledge and some through art. Although the means to achieve this is different, the end isn’t. In this book, we see many generous people exploring themselves and in the process, helping the less fortunate children in making them feel wanted and loved.

We are very fortunate to have been associated with this project in its design. It was a learning experience and gives us the utmost satisfaction in working towards a cause that is needed to be heard.


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