Educational Videos: Everything you need to know

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What are educational videos?

Studies suggest that our brain processes visual information better than audio and that students learn better with the use of visual aid.  In this digital age, it is imperative that the students are taught in a technologically assisted mode than just through an old fashion way of providing book knowledge. Videos are a new and flexible way of educating people. The primary purpose of an educational video is to provide information and educate viewers on a particular topic. The intended message is communicated through various graphic tools and visual representations for a better impact.

Advantage of Education videos

1.      Better Student engagement – Often educational videos are interactive and illustrative in nature and hence can create a better attention span to the user
2.    Usage of graphics and images in these videos can create better recall to the students accessing them
3.      Different teaching method than traditional methods
a.      Education videos are a good alternative to the traditional teaching methodology. What is learnt through books can be supplemented by illustrative videos leading to a better understanding
3.      Remote learning opportunities
a.      Educational videos can be watched in areas and situations with limited access to traditional education mode

How long should the videos be?

1. They can be as long as they need to be. The critical thing is to convey the desired content and ensure that the learning objective is met. 
2. Longer videos may deliver the content at the right pace and ensure better understanding for the viewers.
3. Sometimes, it adds value to have intermittent recaps of the concepts within the video to make the learning process more systematic

Types of Educational videos

Demonstration Videos: These videos are usually used for explaining a product
(Setting up, Installation), service, exercise, etc.

Simulation Videos: These videos are used to simulate some real-world activities generally used for training, prediction analysis, etc.

Presentation videos: Used for the purpose of presenting a particular topic for official or educational purpose

Training Videos / Tutorials:  Exam materials, science, and technology, etc.

Steps for creating Educational videos

1. Pick a topic and identify the concepts of the topic to be covered Write down a script for the video and all the points that need to be covered in the video

2. Decide if you want to use animation or alternatively you may opt for a Person to talk about the topic

3. If it’s going to be an animation video, then decide on your screens

4. Segregate the content into divisions and develop based on sub-topics. Ensure systematic flow for optimal delivery.

5. A typical educational video can have the following parts

a. Introduce the topics and the sub-topics. Provide an agenda of the video upfront.

b. Describe on each sub-topic. Graphical content and linkages between sub-topics help Summarize the video

c. Provide for a Q&A. Again, if the video is a product tutorial kind of one, then covering some FAQ within the video helps the viewer

Tips for creating educational videos

1 Keep it to the point

2. Make sure to use relevant information

3. Use interactive features

4. Use a good voice over or a clear speaking spokesperson

5. The editing should be neat

6. Try not to use too many special effects

7. Make it understandable

Case Study: YouTube educational videos

YouTube apart from being an entertainment platform is also an edutainment platform that has made education without borders possible. A person sitting in North America can learn something valuable from a person sitting in Asia and vice versa.
1. While some teachers use existing content to help them in their classroom lectures others have created channels to help educate people. YouTube houses 4 times more educational videos than other videos.
2. The company recognizes the importance of the purpose so much that “Learn
Anything” is one of the core missions.
3. Users have identified the importance of educational videos, so much so that
educational videos get 500 million views per day on YouTube

Case Study: Educational Mobile App

Mobile apps are becoming increasingly popular for educational purpose.  Smart devices have created ways for smart teaching techniques. They use presentation and explainer videos to communicate information about a topic. The reasons they have become popular is
1. Available to everyone
2. Class wise topic segregation
3. Quiz banks
4. New methods used for teaching complex topics
5. Learning at one’s own pace
6. New improved ways of the learning experience
7. Customizing lessons
8. Increase student engagement

Many educational institutions have already adopted a technological approach towards teaching and to students from a young age as well. Same is true for other domains of educational videos as well where video mode is clearly more impactful than the other traditional approaches. Statistics stack in favour of companies and institutions adapting to this change and it is imperative for all companies who are not on track to initiate some educational videos for their product or service.

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