Experiencing the Thrill

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Everybody loves experiencing thrill in life. According to me trill is not just having fun, it’s a pleasure of excitement. This sudden feeling can make any person feel happy. So fasten your seat belts, to experience the gift of joy. 

If you ask me, in what way thrill can be experienced? I may say, by visiting theme parks or water parks. Or by playing any sport, dancing or even singing. Because it’s not that difficult to find some excitement around you.

As it’s also very easy to find something thrilling, many chose to experience this feeling in doing small things. Basically, we can experience it countless times in our daily life when we spend our time with our closed ones like family, friends and others, by watching any horror or suspense movie, cooking or cleaning together, playing or just chatting with each other.

 Some people find, working together or spending great time with the closed ones will make you feel satisfied. But sometimes it’s not enough to have trill, to have real fun or excitement, people visit theme parks or water parks for the pleasure of excitement by riding on a roller coaster or other rides.

It’s not just this, naturally we like spending time to have fun, but it’s difficult in our busy schedule, right? So we find ways for satisfaction, like playing any sport, visiting new places, cooking good recipes, losing weight or even making new friends.

If we have ever noticed, happiness declines with age. The middle-aged and adults can actually be stable both physically and mentally to reach out for their thrills, but older adults are physically sensitive but mentally stable, but they are quite satisfied with their life.

Doing something totally different for living, actually excites to enjoy the life. Since this feeling of thrill is like a drug in us, we physically and mentally connect ourselves when we experience pleasure in life. So train your brain to be positive and control it because it makes people feel happier than others.

This experience of excitement in our body explodes for many common reasons too, like when you learn how to ride a bicycle, when you get your first salary, when you travel for adventure or when you fall in love and there can be many more reasons.

There are many ways to experience excitement. Some chose such tricky options for their pleasure, such as underwater swimming, sky diving, mountain climbing and many more. But if you have a close look, you will find it more interesting to explore and enjoy.

Most of them think it is scary, and say it’s like risking your life. But thinking in a brave manner, I can say people in search of excitement can explore and overcome any scary or difficult situation.

For me a life without thrill is really boring. I say, exploring everyday something new will actually make you feel satisfied and excited to live. 

DISCLAIMER : This blog was written by the interns namely, Smrithi Keerthana, Shruthi Palasala, Sathvik Kalavacharla, Disha Atukuri and Nitya Gupta at Open Face Media Pvt Ltd for the internship program 2020. All content provided in this blog is for general informational purpose only. It is not intended for sales of any sort or commercial purpose. Neither the company nor the interns are responsible for any plagiarism and copyright infringement that may have occurred in this blog.

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