Explainer Videos – How They Help Your Business?

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The explainer videos started to hold prominence towards marketing and informative purposes since the year 2007. The increasing popularity and easy shareability of these videos on social media websites like Facebook and Twitter only enhanced their popularity and scope further. The explainer videos are succinct enough to provide a clear and precise description of the company offerings and help towards increasing the customer retention rate. When compared to the branded videos, explainer videos are often animated. They express the complex and wide-ranging ideas in a very simple and viewer-friendly manner. At the end of the video, the user has a clear idea as to what the USPs or Unique Selling Points of the products or services are. The video clarifies the objective of your offering, generate greater interest, increase web traffic and help them rank better on Google SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). They also liven up the pitch and bring a personality and recognition to your brand and offerings.

Do explainer videos work?

Explainer videos are a great way to grasp the attention span of users. A recent survey by the Time magazine in the year 2015 found that the users who browse the web on their tablets, laptops, or smartphones have a falling attention span. For instance, for an article, 17% of the users will switch pages after reading the headers for a brief period of 4 seconds. But when the content is presented in the form of a video, it gathers the attention of the user for a longer timing. Sounds legit? Does it? 

According to brain science, videos engage both visual and auditory senses and therefore provide for better withholding of data. Your explainer video will be held and stored in the memories of the customer for a longer period of time, than any other form of data, articles or brochures for an instant. 

More than 1 billion users visit YouTube every month, around 6 billion hours of video content is being watched on different channels and websites every month. The universality of smartphones is increasing and it’s very easy for the users now to search for a new service or product online. Successful businesses tap into this ever-expanding consumer base by creating short and attractive videos that display their offerings and information accurately. Your business can also be one of those successful, but only if you use these visual techniques to give your revenues a headstart. 

Different kinds of explainer videos and examples: 

How-To Videos: These videos can explain any specific topic in detail.

Explainer video for automotive Industry

Testimonial Videos: Minister sounder trust-building and enhancement of reputation and credibility of the business.  A must-have for any the start-up.

Testimonial video for IOT industry

Demo Videos: They explain the consumers about the finest of details about a service or product.

Explainer video for IT industry

FAQs Videos: These videos are updated along with the number of inquiries received, and answered. These videos are a go-getter for an organization, as they help to crystal clear the consumers’ doubt. 

Explainer video for e-commerce industry

Benefit Videos: With a caliber to provide the highest level of information about your offerings, they are placed on the landing page of your website.

What can the explainer videos do for your business?

The latest report by Aberdeen (a marketing and sales solution company) reveals that marketers who are using the explainer videos for promoting their offerings are getting up to 49% faster growth rate. Video marketing instantly boosts web traffic by 41%. Marketing through explainer videos provides for 35% greater web conversion rates and 27% greater click-through rates. 

While the investment may be higher when compared to other forms of marketing (like content marketing), but the revenues increase manifold and therefore the return on investment provided by explainer videos is profoundly winning. 

Depending on the effectiveness of your video marketing campaign and the attractiveness of your explainer videos, the conversion rates may increase to up to 80% as well. Explainer videos are also good for all kinds of offerings.  For instance, they may introduce complex software or a simple product like a toy to the users in the same effective way.

The explainer videos posted on the internet require lesser navigation and therefore many people who feel lazy to scroll and read through the entire article may get to know about all your offerings through a single tap. Depending on the presentation, your video can keep the viewers hooked, and enhance the informative impact that is important for generating leads. 

Google and other search engines also rank the web pages and business content according to the number and quality of videos they carry. Therefore, a web page with a video will be ranked higher than a page that only has written content. Videos also relieve the sales team for important tasks. Sales personnel are not required to pitch the sales over and over again to prospects and can work with the good quality prospects only, who have already passed certain stages of the purchase process. 

A good explainer video may incorporate both animation and live elements and has components including:

Script: In most cases, the script of an explainer video is of around 90 seconds. The script details the solutions and focuses on the “pain points” of a customer. They sell emotions rather than the product/service.

Graphics: Graphic should be chosen in line with the age and culture off the target audience and may also reflect on the daily circumstances that the consumers are exposed to.

Voice Over: The voice of the explainer video should resonate well with the brand tone.

Music: “When music hits, you don’t feel no pain,” Bob Marley said this wonderful line and the creators of videos have been moralizing it since the start of audio-visual marketing. The music in your explainer video should bring out the desired emotions.

Style: The style of the animation explainer video should provide for easy hold and should free-flow as well. Serious businesses like those in the financial industry may use motion graphics. Others like App marketing companies may use cartoons.

Subtitles: Subtitles may be very crucial for the success of an animation video. A study finds that around 45% of the videos posted on Facebook are watched without using sound.

Multilingual Animation Explainer Videos

A business is not required to be a multinational corporation listed in the Fortune 500 list to sell across regions and countries nowadays. The affordable multilingual explainer videos (with minor variations or even without it) are a great way to reach audiences across nations and continents.

 A leading explainer video production company will offer all the explainer video services like conceptualization, talent sourcing, scriptwriting, shooting, direction, animation, and even the post-production services, for the videos having multilingual approach and features. Check out our blog on How to produce films on a budget for filming your next explainer video to boost up your sales.  

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