How Music Influences Travel

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“Music tourism encompasses any activity undertaken by a tourist where the primary motivation to travel is music-related.” 

The tourism industry has topped as one of the fastest developing sectors of the global economy. This unique success this industry has been attributed to several factors and most notably, the music industry. The revolution of music is a major influence in the trends of the tourism industry. There are several ways through which music has affected tourism directly or indirectly.

It is widely known that music and travel go hand in hand with each other. These sectors are mutually dependent on each other and the growth of one sector leads to a corresponding growth in the other sector. Paying close attention to the music and the impact that it has on an individual, we realize the fact that music and music videos are perfect catalysts that motivate individuals to travel to the places shown. When you watch music videos and see different cities and towns featured in their videos, there is an internal excitement that motivates you to visit that place.

Music has been one of the best ways of promoting tourism all across the globe. This is mainly because, in most instances, music helps in displaying the beauty and elegance of a city at its best. Most music videos are also sponsored by towns or city tourisms to help boost their sales. Directors of these videos make sure that they can search for the best scenery that has aesthetic beauty that helps in selling the video and the place to as many viewers as possible. These also influence the hotel and service sector as tourism and the hospitality go hand in hand.

Various music videos and movies have resulted in tremendous boosts in tourism. Famous Tamil film, Roja, filmed in the snow-capped mountains and flower valleys of Kashmir became such a revolution that led to the almost immediate boost in the visits to Kashmir.

Similarly, music videos for Coldplay, shot in India, London and South Africa show these countries through the aesthetic eye of the director and makes you want to go visit these places to see for yourself. Roger Whittaker’s song on Kenya titled ‘My land is Kenya’ brings back nostalgic feelings about visiting Kenya. 

In 2017, Korean band BTS was the reason for one in every 13 tourists visiting South Korea. Now, BTS generates an estimated amount of $3.45 Billion of economic value to the country per year solely through their music and message. (source: refinery29,

There is a clear connection between music and tourism. The most recent example is the 45% increase in the intent of travel to Puerto Rico as a result of the success of the song Despacito by Luis Fonsi last year. What’s better about music videos is that there are specific die-hard fans who end up making very long pilgrimages just to visit the town/city in which a specific video was shot.

Other than music videos and films, music tourism also exists in the form of fans travelling the world to attend various famous festivals. Music tourism is hot nowadays, and with the rise of globalization in recent decades, tourism and the travel industry, hand in hand have seen a big expansion. With the emergence of budget airlines and cheap flight tickets, travelling stopped being an exclusive privilege and became an accessible hobby to a much wider population than before. 

If people have travelled for a concert, even if it is just to nearby cities, they have been a part of music tourism. 

Music festivals were a 2.3 billion USD global industry in 2016, a figure expected to double in 2020. Music festivals like Coachella in Los Angeles, Lollapalooza in Chicago, Field Day in London and such end up bringing in loads of tourists to these counties. US music festivals alone draw 32 million tourists each year. (source: squarespacestats).

 With the increase in tourists, comes the increase in employment rates in the music, tourism and hospitality sectors. In total, 6.1 million new jobs were created as a result of the total direct, indirect and induced activity of the tourism sector. (source: Portugal and Spain have seen a 500% rise in music tourists since 2014, mainly for their music festivals.

In essence, music and music tourism has become one of the most influential and successful industries throughout this decade.

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