How to use videos on social Media Platforms

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Social Media is on the boost over the past decade. What first started as a text post, the pictures and now you have the booming social media videos. From Small videos to short web series, Social media is seeing all sorts of videos. Our brains process videos faster than they process text. There is an emotional connection that builds while watching videos. Businesses/ brands in today time have a great way to get in touch with the emotional side of the audience by making sure that users see their video via social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. It makes a great way to promote a product or share certain information with relevant users.

Do’s and Don’ts while creating social media videos


1)    Create videos keeping the social media platform in mind

2)    Keep the videos short, simple and relevant

3)    Get your target audience right

4)    Create videos that are suitable to view on mobile

5)    Give importance to video SEO

6)    Try doing Live videos on your social media platforms once in a while

7)    Give Call to actions.


1)    Don’t restrict to only one social media platform. It’s good to have the reach on all platforms

2)    Don’t make the video too long

3)    Don’t drag the video by giving unnecessary information.

Advantages of using videos in the social media platform.

1)    Helps you with lead generation

2)    Better ROI

3)    Improves your SEO ranking

4)    Increase online engagement

5)    A cost-effective way to market your videos

Types of videos you can add on social media platforms

1) Tutorial videos: These are step by step instruction videos showing viewers how to use a particular product or a service. They are designed for easy understanding and to see and follow

2) BTS or Behind the scenes: These videos are the making of the videos or bloopers and are usually meant for fun and for viewers to see a bit of your filming process

3) Live Videos: Social media platforms have a feature called ‘go live’. In these videos, you are live with your followers and choose to talk about a topic or interact with your followers and give them an insight into your business or brand a good way to take feedback and do FAQ’s

4) Guest Videos: These videos can be from other social media influencers or you can invite your followers to send in some videos so that you could upload them on your social media platforms. You can ask them to send a video using your product or service which will show your other followers what real people think about your product or service. These kinds of videos are also known as user-generated content.

The ideal length of Social Media videos

According to a study done by Wistia in 2016, the engagement decreases with every increasing minute of the video.

You have to get your audience hooked to your video in the first 15 seconds as that’s how long it takes for the audience to decide if they want to continue watching your video or not. You have to understand the social media demographics – the age group that is present on the platform and create videos accordingly.

Social media enabled Businesses and brands one step closer to each other. Using videos will take you much closer to them and connect with them at an emotional level.

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