How Videos Can Improve Search Engine Ranking

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Getting on the first page of Googles’ search results is every website owners ambition. So, the big question is – what can get you on the first page of the results? The answer to that is ‘engaging content’. Well-designed content is a combination of relevant text, images, and Videos. Yes, Videos can improve your search rankings. Google and other search engines consider a webpage with video content to be of great value.

If content is king video is its Queen

So how does SEO work for videos?

1)    Video content is a great medium of engaging and communicating with your target audience. By capturing their attention for a longer duration on your webpage, you are increasing what is known as dwell time.  Unlike an image or text content where the duration of the user is uncertain, the video content ensures that the user actually spends time on the page. Once Google or any other search engine registers that users are spending a lot of time on certain pages, the search engine establishes that there might be the content of great value leading to improvement in the ranking of the page

2)    Improves CTR Videos that appear on the search page have a higher chance of getting clicked. It is said to be as high as 41%  when compared with plane text. Increased CTRs (click through rates) improves Search Engine Result Pages Ranking SERP).

3)    Potential to increase backlinks: If the videos created by you are engaging and create emotional connect there is a higher chance that people will link back to you. Backlinks from high domain authority sites that refer to you will help improve the ranking. Search engines translate this as the more the quality links to the page the better is the value of the page hence preference is given to show the content at the top

4)    Good engaging videos can create a recall value, a stickiness for users to revisit the website thereby creating more duration on the page

Not all videos help boost your ranking. You must follow the below points for better results

1)    Be Relevant: Create videos that are relevant to the site. It’s not about quantity but quality. Meaningful, engaging videos with the right content and pertinent tags and keywords are required to create the impact. You can refer to our blog on the types of corporate films to check which style is more relevant to you.

2)    Don’t complicate it. Videos are supposed to be easily comprehensible. When compared to other modes, videos convey a lot more than the intended message like the motions, the body language etc. So, a plain, clear and uncomplicated video can achieve the result. When in doubt follow the KISS principle (Keep

3)   Follow SEO for videos: In a world where there are millions of videos, it is not enough just to create a video and leave it for people to discover. It is important to package your video in such a way that it appears to the right people at the right time. For this, it is important to ensure that the video name, thumbnail, keywords and description aptly reflect the content of the video. Engaging thumbnails catch the attention of the users

How to Optimize your videos for SEO

1)    Use a good hosting platform such as YouTube and Vimeo

2)    Give a detailed description of your video including your key phrases

3)    Use an apt and title that clearly articulates what your video is about

4)    Use both generic and purchase specific keywords that are relevant to your domain

5)    An engaging thumbnail is a must is move the online browsers to click your videos

6)    Ensure the video uploaded is of good quality

7)    Promote your videos using social media to drive traffic

A lot of brands have realized the importance of video content and are embracing at a rapid pace. Searching for major brands, especially in consumer industries, will populate some video or the other in the results. It’s not just about the ranking. Videos are great for consumer communication – better recall value, better impression, better conversions etc. Good videos along with right search boosting tricks can move your page up the rankings.

If you find all these steps too complicated, you always have us to walk you through your Video needs.

We are here to help you create the right videos and share target the right keywords.

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