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Videos are a great way to put across a message or information. You know this is our most favourite thing to say and the reason we choose to say it time and again is the importance video content has been gaining in social media over the last decade and it is only going to go up. All social media platforms understand the growing importance of video content. Posts with videos have 48% more views compared to the ones without videos. (Ref: Video posts get shared more than an image post.

Let’s take a look at most popular social media platforms to promote videos


1 A name which online users are usually aware of, YouTube is one of the most popular web domains with video content

2. This platform is used by close to 2 billion people and as per prominent research, it is the second most popular site after Google.

3. Roughly 5 billion videos are watched in a single day by the users and about 300 hours of video content is uploaded every minute

4. With a capacity of 125 GB or 12 hrs max file upload, YouTube has a significant potential for depth in content


1 One of the most popular social media platforms amongst the younger demographic, Instagram is used by 1 billion people every month

2. Instagram’s popularity can be better quantified by its launch when about 5 million videos were shared in the first 24 hours

3. 500 million users use the feature of Instagram stories every day that can be up to 15 seconds of video time limit

4. Video limit on Instagram is 60 seconds whereas IGTV videos can be up to 60 minutes


1 With a base of about 326 million monthly users, 500 million tweets are tweeted each day

2. Tweets with videos attract 10 % more engagement

3. The time limit on Twitter video is 2 minutes and 20 seconds


1 2.7 billion people use Facebook with the maximum users coming from India (about 10%)

2. Half a billion people watch videos on Facebook on an everyday basis and these Videos are said to generate more organic traffic than plain old images 1.75 GB or 45 minutes max length of the video


1 With a user base of 500 million, LinkedIn is a predominantly a platform aiming at professional connect. It is a great platform for B2B

2. LinkedIn has a video time allowance between 3 seconds and 10 minutes with a maximum file size of 5 GB


1 Pinterest has 250 million monthly users of which 85% are women

2. This platform can hold videos up to 30 minutes duration and 2 GB max file size

Which social media platform is good for your campaign?

With hundreds of millions of users on these platforms, it is critical to communicate with the right video lest it gets lost in the vast content universe. According to a study done by Facebook and Nielsen, the first 3 seconds of a video determine how good or not the video campaign is.

So how to choose the right platform for the video to grab the attention? First and the foremost factor to consider is the target audience. It is very important to understand that not all campaigns do the same on all social media platforms. You have to identify which campaign would do good on which platform. For e.g. If your video is a B2B campaign, then LinkedIn is your ideal platform; If Women are your target audience, then Pinterest is your option; If Indian youth is your target audience, then Facebook is your optimal medium, etc.

The second factor is the type of content. Depending on the type of the video message, a particular platform could be more appropriate. YouTube platform is great for Tutorial videos or web series, interviews, reviews, etc. Short viral message videos are better received on Twitter or Facebook etc.

The third factor is curating video as per the platform. Depending on where the video is uploaded, the video has to be treated differently. For e.g. you can always use a shorter version of the full-length video uploaded on YouTube to promote on other social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. So this way same message can be communicated across different platforms while being conveyed in a way best suited to that platform.

Now that we have looked at all the social media platforms where you could upload a video. All that is left is to create a killer video that would fetch you a good number of shares and likes.

1 Let’s take a look at few tips to creating a good video for social media

2. Plan your marketing strategy

3. Create a story that is simple and easy to understand

4. Create videos keeping in mind the social media platform

5. Use the right visuals and audio

6. Use graphics or animation where necessary

7. Get a hook in the first few seconds

8. Keep it SEO friendly

9. Editing should be clean and crisp

10. Don’t forget to add a call to action

11. Upload and Promote!!!!

These tips will help you create your next social media video campaign. If you fall short at any of the above-mentioned steps you can always get in touch with us. Our experts will help you to create a holistic social media campaign.

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