Script Writing – Top 5 Rules for an Impactful Storytelling

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Writing a script for a short video is just as hard as writing for a full-length video if not more. Time is of essence. You have to convey an entire message of What-Why-How in the small duration while not losing the essence of your communication.

These simple steps will help you to write a perfect script for your short video.

  1. 1)  Write the Video Brief

Before starting with any video project it is imperative that you ask yourself

  •  – Who is the video for?
  •  – What is the purpose of the video?
  •  – Who is your target audience?
  •  – Who/What elements are going be in the video?

Once you cracked these questions consider, you are halfway there.

2)  Keep your video to the Point and Simple

It is very easy to get carried away and go tangential while writing something. Constantly keep reminding yourself to keep to the point. Just make sure you are communicating what is absolutely essential and important for you to convey your story to the audience. Since the duration of short videos is less, you have to ensure that you don’t exceed the time limit. Use simple language that will resonate with your audience

Here is a Do’s and Don’ts film that communicates the point in a plain and simple fashion without the help of a voice over.

3) The Tone of the video 

Finding the tone of your video is very important. You will be able to decide on this by understanding who you are creating this video for and the forum the video will be played in. This will give you an idea as to if you want the video to be a simple animation style, presentation style, documentary style etc.

Here is our film on Wipro Cares done in documentary style of storytelling for a philanthropic initiative of an organisation which was presented at a large scale conference. This film not only presents the CSR activities of the organization but the also presents the scale of the organization.

4) Structure is Key to any video

While writing for a short video, you most definitely have to crack each and every segment of the script your introduction has to be very good as to keep the audience interested to see what is coming up. The core message is the reason you are making this video for, and the end should have a take away for the audience. Basically, it should flow like a story.

Here is a solution film where we used a 3-Act structure for this solution film. We introduced the film with the objective of the Main lead followed by a problem statement/Conflict. We showed how CartFull, a retail solution can solve the problem and save dollars and efforts.

5) Write, Read, Repeat.

The key to cracking the perfect script is to write, read what you have written and repeat the process. Fine tune things. Check if you have covered all the bases that you have written down in the brief. Then sit with the rest of the team and do a reading, more often than not there will be some changes once others have listened to the script as they could pick on things you have missed out or not considered. It’s also a way of checking if the message you are trying to communicate has effectively been understood or not. Keep doing this until you have reached the best version of the script and every team member is on-board with it.

Additional Tip:

Every writer has their zone. For some it could be a crowded coffee shop, for some it could be locked inside a room for some it could be someplace with a view. Pick your zone and start cracking.

Now all you need is your laptop or pen and paper if you are anything like our script writer…. 😛

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