The Importance of Background score

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Music, or the lack of it, at the appropriate moment in any kind of film could help enormously to enhance the viewer’s experience to the optimal level. A film’s score reflects the themes and the tone of the film itself, apart from making you feel like you are part of the presentation.

A good composer would do his best to keep up with the pace of the film and make sure that it is indeed the right score for the scene that it will accompany. The ups and downs in the notes of the score resemble the emotions of the characters on the screen. The score often sets the mood for the scene and acts as a verbal cue to the viewers, for they will be aware of the acute changes in the setting and tone of the movie.

Full understanding of the script, is very much essential for the composer as he sets out to produce the original score of the said film. He perceives the emotion in his own way and reflects them onto his music for the viewers to take in.

The score of a movie is often used to accommodate the stereotype of the viewers, in a way that they could easily classify a film into a particular genre, by doing so little as to listening to the score. The Master of Suspense, Alfred Hitchcock is widely known to revolutionize the genres of suspense and mystery by producing bone-chilling and nerve-wrecking scores that stay with you, long after you have closed your laptop in sheer horror.

This is not limited to the above mentioned genres but is prevalent amongst the whole variety of cinema. For romantic films, it is the soft music that plays way too slowly for the viewers to savour the flavour and tone of the film. For a westerner, it is the distant howling and unsettling score gives you a sense of familiarity with the scorching heat and exhausting deserts that are synonymous with the genre.

The use of classical music in feature/short films is widely accepted as they are, like most things classic, are relevant even after several centuries of its composition. It proves to be quite effective to add classical music to the score as they are fairly relatable to anyone with a little sense of music.

There is no argument to diminish the importance of background score of the film that is either strong or satisfactory enough to anyone, including myself.


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