Types of Corporate videos and why you need them

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Types of corporate films

Every company has a story to tell about their brand and their product or service. In today’s age, one of the most popular ways to tell a story is through a video.

What are Corporate Videos?

Corporate videos are produced by an organization to communicate or promote a message either internally within the company or externally to a client or a customer. Up until a decade ago, corporate videos used to be very long and verbose with the key people talking about the organization and delivering a bunch of numbers and technical jargon. But today, corporate videos have evolved to a new form:  they are crisp, creative, and they communicate the story of a brand in various innovative forms, including animation.

Let’s take a look at different types of corporate videos

About Us video: Also known as company profile videos, these videos are a way of communicating who you really are, what you do, and what the core values on which your company functions. This video can also talk about the firm’s vision and mission.

Here is an example of an about us live action corporate film we had done for an Agri business school.

Internal communication videos: These videos are designed to circulate a message within the organization. They are a great channel to communicate information across to key stakeholders or update stakeholders on key developments like a certain project, achievements, yearly insights etc.

Induction / Training videos: These videos are a way of familiarizing your new employees with the details of your company, the products or services, the goals and targets, the do’s and don’ts of your organization

Here is a do’s and don’ts video to showcase the rules to be followed when using metro rail.

Promotional videos: A promotional video, also known as a promo video, is designed to promote a particular product or a service of your company. The intent of this video is to convey the benefits of the product/service and help convert your audience to potential customers.

A corporate film for the events industry could be their promo video for the launch

Testimonial videos: Testimonial videos are a great way to connect with your customers. By showing real people who have used your product or service and letting them share their experience will help establish an emotional connection with your potential customers. Please refer to our complete article on testimonial videos here.

Explainer Videos: Explainer Videos help educate the customers on how to use your product or service or app in an efficient manner. These videos guide them in a step-by-step fashion in addition to promoting the product and the brand. These also help as sales videos.

The mobile apps space is flooding with more of animated explainer films showcasing the in various use cases of the app

Now that we have seen about the type of corporate videos, lets now take a look at reasons why they are needed

Why Corporate Videos?

Customers generally tend to trust something that they can see than what they can read or what they have heard. A visual also has higher chances of inflicting memories for the target audience. Hence, a well-designed corporate video message is perceived to be very engaging, impactful and has the ability to drive the message better than other mediums.     

Here are a few reasons why corporate videos are a must for the companies these days.

1)    Video content will help drive engagement

2)    Improve Online visibility

3)    Improve search ranking (SEO and SERP)

4)    Streamlined and consistent messaging on the value of your product or service

5)    Increase in customer reach and engagement

6)    Increase in conversion rate

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