What is the need for FAQ Videos?

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Well if you have been following our blog, by now you would have realized how time and again we have emphasized on the fact that videos form an effective way of communication with today’s consumers better than text. It is just the icing on the cake that webpages with videos have been found to have a better ranking on search engines. If your company offers a product or a service, your consumer is bound to have questions about the product. There could be several questions that you would have to answer and it is not practically feasible to talk to each and every consumer to answer their questions. Your best solution would be to combine all the frequently asked questions put together in one place. Which means you have to create yourself an FAQ page or even better to create an FAQ Video.

What are FAQ videos

An FAQ video is an AV put together answering all the frequently asked questions about your brand, business or product by your consumers. These questions are usually gathered from active customers and create answers so that new consumers will find it easy to understand the product or service. No matter if your consumer is in a decision phase or has already decided to buy your product or avail your service, FAQ video will be helpful to have.

Benefits of FAQ Videos

  • 1) Give a better understanding of your product, service or brand to prospective consumers
  • 2) Having a FAQ page with a video on the page would boost your google ranking as google
  • loves relevant videos
  • 3) It shows you as a company understanding the pain-points of the consumers and so as to
  • help them, you have put together answers that make their journey a fruitful experience
  • 4) Helps you create a Trust relationship with your consumer

Things to include in FAQ Videos

  • 1) How to use your product or service including steps of setup/installation if relevant
  • 2) How not to use
  • 3) How to store/ safeguard product
  • 4) Warranty policies
  • 5) Key features

How to create FAQ Videos

1) Put together a list of questions: Prepare a list of questions after doing extensive research of all the possible questions that might arise while using your product or service. It is always a great idea to use your existing consumers, vendors, business partners, and your employees to help you put these questions together. You can also use social media to curate questions. As all these people will have a good understanding of the product or service and will know where the pain points lie that need to be addressed by you as a brand/organization

2) Write down the answers: Write down ‘to the point’ answers for all questions that you would like to include in the FAQ Video. Make sure all the points are covered while answering the questions but make sure not to rattle on. Use simple language that will easily be understood by everyone. Organize your questions in a way that will make them flow logically one after the other

3) Pick a person: Choose a good spokesperson who would deliver the answers for the FAQ’s in a way that is clear and easily understood by the users. This person must be convincing and must answer all the questions with conviction

4) Keep it crisp: Keep the video to the point and simple. Ensure that you have covered all the aspects of the questions and have answered them to the best of your ability

5) Make it visually appealing: Add visuals, images, graphics, video snippets and whatever it takes to ensure that the video is visually good. But remember that all the above must aid in better understanding of the answers to the questions you have shortlisted to answer

6) Edit Edit Edit: Your final step is to edit a video. It is always a daunting task to understand in these kinds of video as to how much is too much. You want the answers to be detailed but not too over the board. You want to give useful information to the users but not to bore them with too much information

Finally, after all the above steps, you will end up with an awesome FAQ video. If all the above went right above your head, don’t you worry. We are just as amazing and experienced at creating FAQ videos that will make your consumer’s experience with your product or service seamless and as easy as it can get. Your customers will surely admire you for your effort in creating these informative videos and more importantly, this will help you establish a relationship with them that is based on trust and understanding.

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