Why testimonial videos are the way to go

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In the present age of digital marketing, video has become the most effective tool of reaching out to the people. While still sticking to the traditional approaches, video plays an important role in the marketing strategy. In this blog, we are going to explore why the testimonial videos are one of the most efficient and easiest ones to make.

What makes testimonial videos valuable

Personal touch:

As a potential customer, you want some assurance to validate the product or service you are going to procure. This assurance, when given by the manufacturer or developer of the product, seems a little artificial and biased. Personal experiences of the past customers, when captured on video, elicit a personal touch that goes a long way in creating an impact on the viewer. You get to take a look at the happy customers in the video rather than just taking the word of the manufacturer.


The cost and manpower needed for a live-action shoot or an animation video is much higher than what is required for a video testimonial. All you would need is a willing customer who isn’t afraid of speaking in front of the camera and the camera itself. Your time will also not be spent on formulating a script which they have to follow, as capturing their raw and genuine opinions is the whole objective behind the video testimonials. You can refer to our blog on the best practices to make awesome testimonial videos. If you are looking at a service provider you can also refer to our blog on how to pick the right video agency for your company

Increased bond with the Customers:

There are high chances of increasing the loyalty of the customers with these videos, as the testimonials make them feel that they are an integral part of the company, without whom it wouldn’t function. A sense of ownership creates a special bond with your brand that is impossible to replicate in any other manner.

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